Birdhouse & Habitat is an awesome WILD BIRD store that can help you properly feed and provide habitat for your wild birds!

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We specialize in everything wild bird. Feeders, houses, premium non-sprouting birdseed, bird baths, and so much more. Whether you’ve been feeding birds for years or just getting started, we have everything you need to keep the wild birds happy.

We carry a complete line of products to help you enjoy the awesome hobby of feeding wild birds and foster a healthy backyard habitat. Our birdseed and exclusive seed blends are tested by the Department of Agriculture for purity, bird tested, and proven to attract a variety of birds. Wild birds love Treasure Valley mix. It is a no sprout seed, it is a NON GROWING bird food that causes no weeds, sprouting or grasses. It does not contain corn fillers and none of our mixes contain milo, canola or any other unnecessary poundage fillers that are wasted by songbirds.

  • AmericanGoldFinch
  • california-quail
  • canadian-goose
  • Dark-Eyed-Junco
  • Grosbeak
  • lazuli-bunting
  • Hummingbird

Feed the Birds

It’s a great addiction and wonderful hobby!

Our bird seed is mixed weekly so it’s always fresh!

We sell only #1 bird seed blends! We NEVER add filler such as canola milo or pumpkin.

Find A Bird in Distress?

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